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On the last US military flight, he left the airport of Kabul. It is marking the end of 290 years of US presence in Afghanistan. Officials have said that the last C17 aircraft left with the US ambassador onboard after midnight as per the local time on Tuesday. They have added that this diplomatic mission will assist those who are still unable to leave before the deadline.

This departure of the C17 aircraft marks the final chapter in its contentious military effort. It has seen the US handing the country back to its Islamic militants after 20 years.

It is also marketing an end to the massive evacuation, which started on 14th August when the Taliban took over the country. Gen Kenneth McKenzie, the top military commander of the US, said that they had evacuated 123000 civilians.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called this evacuation a “massive military, diplomatic and humanitarian undertaking.”

It was quite challenging and a diplomatic mission that the US has tackled. It marks the beginning of a new chapter. The military mission is over now, and it marks the beginning of a new diplomatic mission.

He said the Taliban needed to earn its legitimacy. The world will judge them now based on its commitments and obligations to allow civilians to travel freely and to give Afghan women all the rights. He further added that the US had suspended its diplomatic position in Kabul. It has transferred the operation to the Qatari capital of Doha. It will continue with its relentless efforts to help Americans and Afghans with their passports.

Joe Biden has issued a short statement while thanking everyone who has been involved in this evacuation operation over the last 17 years. He will address the nation later on Tuesday. Taliban fighters have been seen exploring Kabul airport while taking over the facilities. It includes a hangar with aircraft, which the US has left behind. They have discarded US military uniforms and equipment.

The US is yet to explain reports on the drone strike on a suicide bomber in Afghanistan who has killed several Afghans. Relatives said that this strike on a car near Kabul was based on wrong information. The Pentagon has said that it was working on its assessment and investigation report.

Credits: BBC

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