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US President Joe Biden will opt for a large range of humanitarian and military aid packages, especially for Ukraine. This immense US support will come during the visit of the president of the country Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the White House.

This package features newly designated military aid worth $60 million. It also includes a Javelin anti-tank missile, ammunition, and small arms. Biden informed Congress about his intention of releasing funds with the help of Ukraine. It will help Ukraine to defend its eastern border against the separatists, having support from Russia.

Another $45 million will help to form humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, which is facing the impact of guerrilla war from separatists.

In its fight against COVID, the US will announce $12.8 million to offer additional assistance to Ukraine. Another $55 million this country has already provided to help in managing COVID. Meeting of the Ukrainian president with Biden is confronting the crisis at home and abroad.

In Louisiana and Mississippi, at least a million utility customers still lack electricity due to the wake of Hurricane Ida.

A humanitarian and border crisis is looming as Biden’s team is performing the diplomatic evacuation from Afghanistan.

The original schedule for the meeting of these two presidents has been set for Monday. But to gain the necessary attention, authorities have pushed this meeting back.

As two leaders sit down, Zelenskky will look for assurance from Biden to get steadfast US support for his country. Biden said that several steps are aiming at increasing the closeness of relationships with Kyiv and Washington.

One of them will start the US Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission again. Biden and Zelenskky will also come up with the announcement of its new energy initiatives. It will include Strategic Energy and Climate Dialogue under the supervision of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

She has led a delegation of the US to Ukraine to mark the 30th independence of the country. Ukraine is still opposing the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline within Germany and Russia. Kyiv views it as a win for the Kremlin.

Biden opposes this massive project. But in July, his administration opted for a joint statement with the German government to recognize the inevitability of the pipeline.

This has offered a diplomatic blow to Ukraine. Another topic will be anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

“We believe strongly that Ukraine can and should enact additional reforms to strengthen its democracy,” said the White House official.

Credits: CNBC

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