U.S. president Biden recently announced a plan on funding more police to fight the nationwide surge in homicides. He claimed officials in high crime areas could take advantage of more law-enforcement personnel using coronavirus relief funding. Mr. Biden’s offense-fighting strategy also calls for reducing rogue firearms trafficking and gun dealers.

Republicans claim Mr. Biden’s Democrats as weak on illegal acts. Biden on Wednesday at the White House urges states and cities to use $350bn of funding from a COVID relief bill to add more police officers. The president said, “It means more police officers, more nurses, more counselors, more social workers or community violence interrupts to helps resolve issues before violence interrupts to help resolve issues before they escalate into crimes.”

Few members from Mr. President’s party did amplify calls by Black Lives Matter activists, which the president himself resisted, unpopular with most voters. The president on Wednesday also emphasizes the need for a time where no one should turn their back on communities or law enforcement.

The Biden administration even suggested gun control to resolute violent crime. It also proposes to invest in summer activities for young adults & teenagers, community violence intervention programs, and employment opportunities. The administration also asks to render support for previously incarcerated Americans to re-enter their communities.

Biden, in his Wednesday’s speech, offers a counter-argument by blaming lax gun regulations. He even states it responsible for building an environment where minor arguments can result in death. He also assures to boost the funding procedure for the police.

The Department of Justice, on the eve of the speech, announces a new team. The team will focus on tackling gun trafficking in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. The Democratic politicians in New York also aim to become the next mayor and highly focuses on the issue of order and law.

Credits: BBC

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