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COVID-19 continues to claim lives around the world

Reports from Tokyo overnight indicate that the Japanese government is looking to ‘lower’ some international advisories limiting travel related to political insurrection overseas, and even the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, whilst in the not too distant future removing all limits on such travel.

Covid-19 virus soon to be detected by fast test in Taiwan

Government officials are now being quoted as saying the central government in Tokyo is looking at the possibility of lowering travel advisories for all nations and regions.

The first limits on travel to and from certain countries related to COVID-19 were put in place in late March, just as the pandemic was taking hold, with advisories issued on non-essential travel and lockdowns first imposed across the archipelago.

“Recently, more international flights are resuming operations. Border controls have also been relaxed,” a senior Foreign Ministry official said to local media on Thursday.

It is believed the onus is being placed more on the individual with regards to personal responsibility although certain specific alerts over the possibility of contracting a number of long-term infectious diseases to 159 countries and regions will remain in place for now.


For Japanese nationals and residents intent on travel to such regions however, there is no legal procedure in force to prevent departure or return as such advisories in Japan are not legally binding.

In recent days travel to and from Japan has been made easier for citizens and long term residents without having to go through quarantine, with Tokyo the first capital in Asia to now be seriously considering moving beyond the virus and returning to normal.

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