An independent lawyer will oversee the investigation done on Mr. Trump. Criminal investigations are a part of the US Department of Justice. The department made sure that an independent lawyer gets appointed for the investigation.

Jack Smith is the special counsel or an independent lawyer in this case. He is a former war crimes prosecutor. Attorney General Merrick Garland also revealed this in a news conference recently. The investigations are on the infamous Capitol riots and the involvement of Trump in it.

The main goal is to investigate the handling of classified documents by Trump. How careless he was, and the percentage of his role in the riots. Donald Trump also has many other probes going on. Trump denies the allegations and says that he is innocent.

Jack Smith has ultimate power in his hands. He will now decide the fate of the former president Donald Trump. His decision can decide whether Trump is going to face criminal charges or not. By the way, Trump also announced his 2024 run for the post of president. If this ruling comes out against him, his 2024 run is going to get affected.

The Attorney general said that this decision is for the public’s confidence. Sometimes, we have to be diplomatic and choose sides wisely. Both the former and current presidents are in for the 2024 race. This can make the investigation biased. Thus, an independent lawyer was in support of the public and the justice system of the US.

Donald Trump is furious with this decision. He said that this is a “horrendous abuse of power”. Also, he said that the justice department is “corrupt and highly political”. He also said that the special counsel or the lawyer is “super-radical left”. These claims are pretty normal, considering the danger he is in.

Jack Smith is very positive about this investigation. He also said that the investigation would never stop under his supervision. There will be no bias in the investigation, as per Mr. Smith.

Credits: BBC

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