Russian forces

Russian forces pulled out of Kherson almost a week ago. There was a sense of relief when they left Kherson. But now, after one week, Kherson is bustling with a good amount of positive busyness. People are flocking to the city’s main scare for supplies and food. There are musicians playing music as well, for a surprise.

There are tents where people can go for hot drinks or get first aid. Also, there are some mobile phone masts as well. People gather there in huge numbers. The people are calm after the Russian forces leave the city. They believe that the company of the enemy is traumatizing. They are fine with no power or water. But they are not fine with the enemy in their city.

We don’t have water. We don’t have power. But we have freedom. Everyone in Kherson is rejoicing with this idea. It means a lot for the people of Kherson to get this feeling after months of terror. Now, everybody is calm. They now know from which side the shelling is happening. Though it is still a problem, residents believe that it will subside.

Russian forces and their people took to the streets to apply signs and billboards. Their boards read “Together with Russia”. After the Russian forces’ exit, the posters and billboards were not seen. These efforts show that Kherson is now free from the clutches of Russia.

There are many humanitarian efforts underway in Kherson and adjoining areas. Pieces of bread, chicken, and various other food items are being served to the needy. Efforts are underway to bring Kherson back on its feet as soon as possible. There is still a long way to go for its 75,000 residents. Its connection is getting stronger with Ukraine day by day.

The offensives are changing continuously for the Russian forces and the Ukrainian army. Many Russian soldiers are still in the vicinity of the major cities. Kherson is still not safe. Its protection is not guaranteed until the whole of Ukraine is free. Let’s see when that day comes.

Credits: BBC

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