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Italy PM Mario Draghi refuses to resign and calls out for new bills. This bill will help him stay in power and support his unity government. The President of Italy rejected the Prime Minister’s rejection six days ago.

Italy’s PM aims to come into the coalition. He brought the pact with a view to staying together in power. It led to a unity government for the tenure of 18 months. Mr. Draghi is an unelected ex-head of the European-held Central Bank. He was set to step down instead of election. But, now, he steps back from that option.

A vital member of the broad unity coalition brought a confidence vote. The populist five-star movement is also becoming a deciding factor in Italian politics. The disagreement concerning the triggered political crisis explains the broad-based government. And it is a composition of both left and right parties.

President Mattarells has asked the Italy PM to address parliament this week. The PM resigning can put one of the largest economies into distress. Italy also continues to be the biggest recipient of loans for the covid recovery. The next installment to pay back the loan can be in danger with a change in power.

Italy’s PM fears the same and will face the five-star movement. Nevertheless, he will continue to stay in power. He should win it. The confidence vote is all set to take place today evening.

The PM stated that “mobilizing Italians who wanted the unity government to continue was impossible to ignore.”

He also praised the public, industries, universities, and various unions for the undeserved appeal. Italy saw many protests asking Draghi to stay in power. However, two thousand mayors and 250 unions have backed his position as Italy’s PM. Draghi highlighted the unity government progress during the covid vaccination. Italy continues to be on the path of reformation.

Credits: BBC

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