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The media continuously discussed the bad health condition of Vladimir Putin. He is going to turn 70, and chances are suffering from cancer. But, there is no evidence that can prove this. William Burns called it nothing but fake news from the kremlin. The announcement was out when the US decided to aid Ukraine with long-range artillery.

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, stated,” Russia’s military focus in Ukraine was no longer “only” the east and implied Moscow’s strategy had changed after the West supplied Ukraine with such weapons.” So it was regarding the firearm.

Vladimir Putin bad health condition continued to be a hot topic, but it is sure that he is healthy. Mr. Burns confirmed that at Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

He also added laughingly, calling it not a formal intelligence judgment. Kremlin also clears the air of lies about Vladimir Putin’s lousy health on Thursday.

Last month, Ukrainian, British and American specialists called out for his bad health condition. Mr. Putin’s Spokesman cleared it among the reporters. Mr. Burns earlier served as ambassador in Moscow.

During his time in Russia, he noticed that Putin is a great believer in control and getting even. His traits of revenge have gotten more potent with the passing year. He loves to intimidate people with a circle of lies and come clear later. He certainly believes that Russia will reach great heights during his reign.

It might be why he is trying to build influence in the neighborhood. The focus is currently on Ukraine. But, the country, on the contrary, is suffering from economic instability.

Mr. Burns also explained that he did warn Vladimir Putin of the severe consequences of invading Ukraine. But, it was of no use. His plans were on complete assumption and were suffering from a real illusion. Moreover, the invasion did no good to Russia. The US estimates recorded Russian casualties of 15,000 soldiers, and 45,000 were severely wounded. This is not looking good for anyone.

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