Gaza tunnels
Gaza tunnels

You must be aware that there is a huge war going on between Israel and Gaza right now where the fighters from Gaza are the Hamas terrorists that have been ruling the Gaza region since a long time now and they are similar to the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. However, the problem is that Israel is a strong opposition to them due to its Iron Dome as well as other facilities and we know that the Israel army is very proud of defending their country. Also, you should note that Hamas terrorists have built a whole network of tunnels that they use to transport weapons as well as move underground so as to avoid the Israel army’s surveillance.

But now that Israel has started its ground operation in Gaza and have entered the region, the first thing they will do is to destroy the network of tunnels that Hamas have built because they can be used to attack the IDF as well. IDF’s senior commander says that “Maybe at first they were able to harass us, sting us by firing from tunnel exits, but after we established control of the areas, the engineering operation started”. They add that “We are going to collapse the entrances and the tunnels on them. It will become a death zone. They made a mistake. They chose to be in a place they cannot escape from. They will die in the tunnels,”

It is also reported that the IDF has already destroyed about 100 tunnels already and these numbers do not include the tunnels destroyed by Israel’s airstrikes that have happened every day since the war started. One thing that we can add is that it is very important for IDF to destroy these tunnels in order to destroy the Hamas terrorists and free Gaza from them because if they don’t do the same, this war will keep on continuing as these network of tunnels is Hamas’ strength as they can hide inside it whenever there is an airstrike so it was also the reason why IDF decided to do the ground operations by entering Gaza.

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