Israel war
Israel war

We know for a fact that Israel is one of the countries that takes a threat on their country very seriously, and it is also seen that the army as well as citizens are so proud of defending their country that they did not even wait to get drafted and immediately took their planes to Israel from wherever they were in order to be called up whenever needed. Now, we also know that Israel have started their ground operations in Gaza to completely destroy Hamas capabilities but they are facing resistance due to attacks from Yemen’s Houdis as well as Hizbollah terrorists. Despite all this, Israel says that they have completely encircled Gaza which means that the territory is under IDF’s control now.

Talking about that, the US is actually feeling the pressure of IDF’s actions on Gaza and the killing of civilians in this war which is why they have urged Israel to have “localized” pauses in certain areas for humanitarian areas. In all honesty, US can demand what they want to Israel as they are able to fight this war because of US’ support only. Since that is the case, we will soon see some localized pauses in some parts of Gaza in order to allow for civilian movement so that they can do their operations without hurting the common people.

Israel’s PM Netanyahu said “We’re at the height of the battle. We’ve had impressive successes and have passed the outskirts of Gaza City. We are advancing.” In between all this, the US has sent their Secretary of State Antony Blinken to agree to this humanitarian pause and it is likely that Israel will have to agree to the US’ demand. US national security spokesperson John Kirby said “What we’re trying to do is explore the idea of as many pauses as might be necessary to continue to get aid out and to continue to work to get people out safely, including hostages,”. It is interesting that US’ Blinken will also meet Jordan’s Foreign Minister, who has already said that “Israel must end the war on Gaza, and added that “it was committing war crimes by bombing civilians and imposing a siege”.

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