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According to the outgoing Government of Israel, the flag march of the Israeli nationalists through the Old City of Jerusalem can happen. It is coming with the pending approval of the police. This event is about to take place this Thursday. However, the organizers have canceled it as the Israeli police rejected the route permission through the Muslim Quater. The rejection came for citing security concerns.

Palestinians see it as a provocation. The militant group of Hamas has warned this flag march can trigger many conflicts. A new round of conflict can take place in Gaza. At Least 256 people got killed in Gaza. 13 people have been killed in Israel during the 11 days of continuous fighting between Palestinian and Israeli militants.

This violence came after few weeks of the spiraling of this Israeli- Palestinian tension. It has culminated in clashes at the holy site in the Old City. The Muslims and Jews revered it on 10 May, as the original March rerouted. The Israeli authorities have rerouted this March at the last minute, and they canceled it.

Haman started with firing the rockets into Israel after its warning for withdrawing from the holy site. It has triggered retaliatory airstrikes from Israel while targeting Gaza.

After a meeting on Tuesday, the cabinet of the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, said this flag march could go ahead on 15 June.

The Israeli parliament, Knesset, is due to vote for a new government on Sunday. Mr. Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister of Israel, will be replaced after 12 years if the new coalition gets approval.

It will fall to the incoming government, which is led by the right-wing nationalists Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid. It will also be up to them to make the final decision about whether to take the final decision on the flag march.

The annual Jerusalem Day flag march is taking place on 10 May and marking Israel’s capture of east Jerusalem. Hundreds of flag-waving youths are making their way for the Muslim Quarter while chanting and singing patriotic songs.

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