corruption charge

The military authorities of Myanmar have put a corruption charge on the deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi. She is currently facing the most serious charge in her life. Ms. Suu Kyi has accusations regarding accepting cash and gold in bribes. She is also facing up to 15 years of jail if she turns out to be guilty.

She is facing six other charges. This is related to the alleged illegal imports of the walkie-talkies. Also, it includes the inciting of public unrest. The former State Counselor has been under arrest on the 1st of February. The military has seized power in a coup.

From them, she has been held under house arrest. All that is coming under the light about her is very little, apart from their brief appearances in court.

A press release of the Military Council on Thursday said that Ms. Suu Kyi had accepted $600000 in bribes. He has also taken the seven pieces of gold.

Allegedly the previous civilian government – the National League for Democracy – had lost a large sum of money. This loss of a significant amount of money took place for the land deals. Besides that, Ms. Suu Kyi and several other former officials are facing similar corruption charge with bribery.

Before this, the most serious charge that got filed against Ms. Suu Kyi was for the breaking of the official secrets act. This is also carrying a term of up to 14 years in jail.

Myanmar’s military seized power in February on accusations of voter fraud. However, the independent election monitors are saying that this election was free and fair. The charges against Ms. Suu Kyi have been criticized as politically motivated. The coup has triggered more widespread demonstrations. Myanmar’s military has brutally cracked down on protesters from pre-democracy.

They have killed more than 800 people. Also, they have detained at least 500, as the monitoring group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says.

Credits: BBC

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