Israel war
Israel war

While the rest of the world was sleeping, there was a terrible incident taking place in Israel which was also on a music event taking place in the country at that time and it is now realized that the attack was planned from a long time ago. To recall the incidents of this attack, as many as 5000 rockets were targeted towards Israel from Gaza in a coordinated attack to so as not to let the “Iron Dome” of Israel thwart these rockets as they normally would, as the amount of these rockets would overwhelm any system.

After that, the world saw horrific videos of the infiltrations from Gaza where the Hamas terrorists started attacking civilians and doing horrific things such as taking them hostage, beheading them as well as many more unimaginable things. As soon as the Israeli government realized what was happening, they immediately took control and started wiping out Hamas terrorists from its country. However, that was obviously not the end as Israel is known to be a very proud country which will defend itself and even target those who have done such a horrific act. We know that the conflict between Israel and Gaza has been going on for decades but this looks like the final nail in the coffin.

Because Israel is now determined to destroy Gaza and take control of it with military operations. The fact that most of the authoritative countries such as the UK, USA, France, Australia, India and even the UAE have come out in support of the Israel’s right to defend itself is a sign for Gaza that they are going to face the worst of Israel’s attacks this time around. It is obviously clear that Iran is behind these attacks but we don’t seem to understand how they could let such an attack take place without realizing the consequences it would have. As they say, what happened was meant to and the rest will be history. Unless and until some country with real power comes and does a peace treaty between the two countries, it looks like Israel will fight this “long war” with all its might and destroy Gaza.

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