US Army
US Army

We know that the US and Taiwan have been enjoying very good ties lately because of the fact that the US sees the threat imposed by China on the Taiwanese region which means that it is quite possible that the Chinese will attack the island nation once they see the time right in order to get control over it. As we all know, China does not have any recognition of Taiwan as a separate country and have maintained that it wants everyone to follow the ‘one-China’ policy where China and Taiwan are merged. Obviously, the resistance from Taiwanese citizens is not allowing China to attack it fearing the public retaliation but we do know that they are also applying constant pressure by doing military drills.

Now, it is worth noting that the US have already said that they will do whatever is needed to defend Taiwan against China and now there is a new report regarding the same as well. In the latest survey taken out regarding the support for defending Taiwan when the time comes, it was observed that as much as 60% Americans support the US defending Taiwan aginst any possible invasion. However, that also means we could see the WWIII if that happens because China and US are the biggest superpowers in the world right now.

This survey titled “Order and Disorder” mentions that respondents were asked, “if China and Taiwan go to war, considering the high cost and likely casualties, do you think the United States should commit American servicemembers to help defend Taiwan?” and the answer to this was 60% Americans agreeing to it while 40% opposed the idea. It is also worth noting that the detailed survey results tell you a different story. It is observed that “18% strongly supported intervention and 42 somewhat supported intervention, while 27% were somewhat opposed, and 13 were strongly opposed. By party affiliation, Republicans were more likely than Democrats or Independents to support taking military action”. It is also important to note that “The survey was distributed online via YouGov from Aug. 28 to Sept. 6 and gathered responses from 1,000 adult U.S. citizens” as per the official statement.

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