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Iran has recently agreed to extend for one month its agreement that allows the International Atomic Energy Agency. It will help in better nuclear monitoring at the nuclear sites. The IAEA chief Rafael Grossi says that this deal will now end on 24th June.

Iran had reduced its cooperation with the watchdogs. This is to retaliate for the sanction reinstatement of the US when it abandoned this deal. It is saying that this extension is a gesture of good faith. It will expire very soon after the presidential election in Iran.

The nuclear crisis of Iran comes with some of the basic areas. The world powers have trust in Iran. Some of the countries believe that Iran wants nuclear power to build a bomb. Thus the deal was struck.

In 2015 Iran and Six other nations reached a major agreement. Iran would stop some of its nuclear works to end the harsh kind of penalties that are hurting its economy. The new problem is, Iran has re-started the banned nuclear work as the Donal Trump pulled out of this deal. Though the new leader Biden wants to rejoin, both sides are expecting the other sides to make a move.

Iran has opted for the gradual breaking of its commitments for this nuclear deal to put pressure on the US economy. The world powers are particularly concerned with Iran’s violation of all its limits on producing and stockpiling uranium.

In February, Iran said that it would stop its implementation of the Additional Protocol to their IAEA Safeguards Agreement. It is allowing the inspectors to access any of the sites they are deeming as the suspicious ones to obtain the images.

The country is also reaching out to the technical understanding with IAEA, which is seeing it agree to store the images for three months. Then it will delete them if no wider deal is there for the US to join the nuclear accord and lift all the sanctions.

While announcing this extension, Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA, said, “seize the extra opportunity provided by Iran in good faith for the complete lifting of sanctions in a practical and verifiable manner”.

Earlier on Monday, the Foreign Ministry said it is very significant progress, which has been made in Vienna. It can lead to the results if a political decision takes place in Washington regarding nuclear monitoring.

Credits: BBC

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