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China has recently overtaken Germany to come up as the biggest single import market in the UK. This is happening for the first time since the beginning of the record. Goods imported from China have risen about 66% from the starting of 2018.

The imports from Germany fell through a quarter to Euro 12.5 billion in the same period. The change has come up as a trade with the European Union. The disruption to it happened due to Brexit. At the same time, the pandemic has added a boost to the demand for Chinese goods. The Office for National Statistics report is aiming for access to the impacts of Brexit and in the COVID on the trading of UK goods.

It has found evidence that the trade is getting disrupted at the start of a new relationship between the UK and the EU. The ONS is saying that German imports to the UK had fallen from April 2019. This took place amidst the uncertain details of Britain’s exit from the EU.

Germany’s motor industry is also feeling the impact of this pandemic. Since, both the global exports and vehicle production get hit.

In the UK, the demand for new vehicles is facing a slump in the import market due to the lockdown.

Exports of the goods towards Ireland have seen the greatest proportionate fall from the top five exporting partners of the UK. This took place after the EU’s transition period, according to ONS.

As the modern records began in 1997, Germany has been the biggest source for imports in the UK. This took place despite the six months during the end of 2000 and at the start of the following year when the US took the top spot.

Besides the 23.1% fall in the total trade along with the other European Union countries, the EU remains the biggest trading partner of the UK. The figures are also showing that there was a jump in imports from China of textiles. It was in use for the face masks and the other personal protective supplies. Also, it includes the stronger demand for electronic devices.

China was the first major economy to experience its growth of global trade from last year. It is the first big country to emerge out of the pandemic.

Credits: BBC

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