Aditya L1
Aditya L1

You must be aware that India successfully became the first country to land its satellite near the south pole of moon and only the fourth country in the world after US, China and Russia to achieve this feat. It is also worth noting that India’s attempt came just two days after the attempt from Russia to land its Luna-25 satellite near the south pole of Moon which failed. Now, it is worth noting that India has successfully launched another mission which is named as Aditya L-1 and this time, its a Sun mission which means that India is now going to space to study the Sun.

As far as the details of this mission are concerned, it is worth noting that it is impossible to go to the Sun which is why all the countries right now pick a point where they place their satellite in order to study the sun. Similarly, India’s Aditya L-1 will be placed on the Sun-Earth L-1 point which is an orbit between the Earth and Sun and it will also not be hindered by any eclipse as there is no interference in the middle. NASA already has its satellite to study the Sun in the L-1 point, and its famous James Webb Telescope is also near the L2 point.

ISRO’s principal scientist of the mission said that “We have made sure we will have a unique data set that is not currently available from any other mission,” and added that “This will allow us to understand the sun, its dynamics as well as the inner heliosphere, which is an important element for current-day technology, as well as space-weather aspects,” Another ISRO scientist said that “There have been episodes when major communications have gone down because a satellite has been hit by a big corona emission. Satellites in low earth orbit are the main focus of global private players, which makes the Aditya-L1 mission a very important project,”. Head of department of Earth and Space Science at ISRO said that “The low earth orbit has been heavily polluted due to private participation, so understanding how to safeguard satellites there will have special importance in today’s space environment,”

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