G20 Summit
G20 Summit

We know that political dynamics work very differently and if it was not clear by now, it is very clear now that the differences between China and India have grown wider in the last few years and this is also likely to be the “real” reason why China’s President Xi Jinping has decided to skip the G20 summit taking place later this week in India for the first time ever. It is known that recent incident relating to China’s release of a map which was objected by India has soured tensions on both sides. This might be the reason why Chinese President wants to avoid the drama so he is sending his Prime Minister to the summit.

Now, a statement from the US President has come which came be seen as a taunt to the Chinese President as well. US President Joe Biden says that he is disappointed on learning about Xi’s non-arrival to the Summit in India. We know that the comment is a tongue-in-cheek one and we love it. However, Joe Biden also revealed that “I am disappointed… but I am going to get to see him,” which suggests that he is going to meet the Chinese President at an event somewhere else.

Chinese spokesperson revealed that “Li Qiang will lead Chinese delegation to attend G20 summit. It’s a major and important global economic forum. China has always attached importance on it and actively participated in related events”. While the Chinese side have not yet clearly mentioned about Xi’s attendance or none of it in full clarity, a report from last week suggests that the Chinese President is going to skip this event. It is clear that the Chinese President does not want to discuss about the Indo-China border tensions as well as the US-China issues and also does not want to talk about the recently-concluded BRICS summit where 6 new countries will be added into the alliance next year. China’s President also sees his country as the leader of the developing world and wants to become the alternative world leader in order to replace the power that US and others have right now.

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