C: CTBC Brothers

Well, almost! – as we penned at the time.

This is the first in a series of interviews we did at different times in the last, 2020, CPBL baseball season, that we are reposting as we enter the final countdown ahead of the 2021 CPBL Season.

Just to whet your appetite.

Opening game, weather permitting, will be a week today.

Last year it was all about beating COVID – and the CPBL, and Taiwan as a whole, did an excellent job in doing so, becoming the first baseball league in the world to get the games on, and eventually fans in the seats.

Here’s hoping for another year of COVID-free baseball, some great games, and memories for all.

Nick is currently just over half way through his 14-day government imposed quarantine period at a hotel in an undisclosed location after arriving from the U.S. a little more than a week ago.

But, after several months of messages exchanged, and a few personal issues thrown in along the way, we were lucky enough to speak by phone with the former Brothers pitcher, and current Brothers …….. (answers below in the text) a few days ago, and being the amiable chap he is, he agreed to answer the questions we threw his way.

Could you tell our readers and newer Brothers fans about your career, prior to, and with the team?
Looking back to when I was a kid, being a Major League Baseball player was always my dream.
And now, after a 13 year playing career, all across America and in five other countries I am very proud of everything I accomplished as a player even though I never quite made it to my final goal in the MLB.
I changed a lot over those 13 years as both a player and a person, but I look back on my time playing with great pride for the way I was able to grind.
In your two spells here, how were you welcomed into the Brothers organization?
The CTBC Brothers are a first class organization that puts family first, and winning is expected and very important, year in and year out.
I have so many fond memories about my time here, but the relationships I built with the people throughout the organization are what I hold dear to me.
C: CTBC Brothers
And what professional highlights did you have at that time?
Highlights in Taiwan have to start with coming so close to a championship in 2016. That team was full of superstar players, and falling short hurt – it stung.
Going to Japan in 2017, with a CPBL All Star team too, and beating Samurai Japan in Fukuoka Dome was unimaginable.
As well, of course, throwing a ‘no-hitter’ in 2018, with the famous Brothers fans in Taichung rooting me on every pitch is something I still dream about today.
Any lowlights?
I never looked at anything in my career as a lowlight but my last season playing in 2019, and dealing with a shoulder injury was very difficult because I always put a lot of pressure on myself to be accountable to my teammates.
That year I felt like I let them down.
Some pitchers have told me they are so ‘in the zone’ when on the mound that they hear and see very little except for the three men in front of them. How did you psyche up for a game and keep it going throughout your time on the mound?
Very simple, every time I took the mound my mindset was, this is the last game I’m ever going to play in, treat each and every pitch like it’s your last.
One thing we hear a lot of from fans, and players sometimes, is about the ‘flexible’ strike zone here. Is it a problem you have come across?
I may be a little biased here because I have a brother who is (an) MLB umpire.
These guys have the toughest job in the world, and without speaking for anyone else, when I was on the mound, the umpires did a great job.
C: CTBC Brothers
You eventually left the Brothers because of your aforementioned shoulder injury. How did you feel after so many years as a pro realising you had to call it a day?
Honestly I still get to spend a good portion of my time thinking, talking, and watching baseball, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve had to call it a day.
I feel very lucky to be in the position I am in today and the Brothers are a huge part of that.
I love being involved, and still want to grind everyday, just in a different capacity.
Away from the field, you are a family man and have just welcomed your fourth child into the world. How hard was it to leave your clan back home to come over here now?
I have to give a ton of credit to my wife. Giovana, as she is the glue that keeps my family and my baseball career together.
They know how much passion I have for this great game, and for the Brothers Organization.
It’s never easy to say goodbye, and those are probably the toughest moments of any man’s life, but FaceTime plays a big role in easing the distance between us.
Now that you are back, what exactly is your role?
I will be spending some time broadcasting as well as some time coaching while I am here, and when I am away I am the International Scout of the Brothers.
Basically whatever the team needs, I am all in.
C: CTBC Brothers
The Brothers in the end won the first half of the season with games to spare. How did you feel seeing that?
It was amazing to see the yellow streamers, and what a great feeling it is to clinch a spot in the playoffs.
It is the first step to our ultimate goal.
And just a day before we spoke, the draft was held here in Taiwan. Were you able to follow that? And if so, what did you make of the guys the Brothers picked up?
I’m a huge fan of the draft, and the guys who I work with on a daily basis- Ellery, Howard, Ken, and Cola are some of the best scouts and people I know, and they put in a lot of hard work.
I can tell you this, no organization was more prepared for the draft.
We welcome all the new players into the organization, and I can’t wait to meet them.
When you get back to Taichung, as a COVID-19 free fella in Taiwan’s second city, what are you looking forward to doing?
I can’t wait to see my teammates and just get back to being on a field everyday.
This great game of baseball was here before me, and will be here after me, but hopefully I can be one small piece of the puzzle in the Brothers winning a championship. There is no greater feeling for me.
Any nerves going into the TV broadcasts you will be doing? 
It will be different for sure, and not easy at all, but my love for the game hopefully will ease some of those nerves.
What do you think the weeks and months ahead as the team works towards the Taiwan Series will be like without your family here to support you?
My family has always traveled with me throughout my career.
They are everything to me, and COVID-19 has made that more difficult this year, and it will not be easy.
But we will get through it, and be stronger as a unit coming out the other side!
So where does Nick Additon want to be on Christmas Day 2020? 
On Christmas Day 2020, sitting by a Christmas tree with my family, wearing a championship ring.
Now that’s what dreams are made of.

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