The main visual of “Hello New World” parade

TOKYO, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sanrio Puroland, also known as Hello Kitty Land Tokyo, is making 2021 the year to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Throughout the year Hello Kitty Land Tokyo will launch new activities to celebrate with its fans and visitors and thank them for their faithful patronage over the past three decades.

The main visual of "Hello New World" parade
The main visual of “Hello New World” parade

The 30th Anniversary Parade “Hello, New World” is a big thank you to everyone for the kind support given in the recent crowdfunding to enable the special anniversary event on 7th December 2020.

Its theme also aims to embrace an everchanging world with a positive outlook and to bring smiles to the faces of fans and visitors with its joyful energy.

“Sweets Puro”, Sanrio Puroland’s strawberry celebration, is running from 8th January until 9th March 2021.

The fun event has made “Strawberry Picking” its prime theme. Early spring is Japan’s high-quality strawberry season and many international visitors have enjoyed strawberry picking as part of their travel experiences in Japan.

Hello Kitty Land Tokyo visitors can take a strawberry breakfast menu, the “Strawberry Morning Bread Set” (available 30min before food court opening) and other beautiful strawberry-based foods or opt for a strawberry cocktail, the “Sweets Puro Strawberry Peach Sour”.

Beautiful strawberry-themed photo spots are inviting visitors to take memorable pictures. Also, there are many “Sweets Puro” merchandise with strawberry motif to purchase as memento. Park visitors can also participate in an AR (augmented reality) stamp rally, watch the special illumination show “Puro Sweets Party“.

Visitors of Hello Kitty Land Tokyo can enjoy the new live parade “Hello New World” since 7th January 2021.

The parade runs on weekends and public holidays only, except for the spring break (from 22nd to 31st March 2021) when it can be seen on weekdays too.

The 35-minute show will include many famous songs from past parades at Puroland. As the title suggests, the story centres around the wish to create a new world for Puroland based on hope and friendship reaching around the globe no matter what tomorrow may bring.

“We feel humbled by the generous support we received through crowdfunding from people around the world helping us create the 30th anniversary event last December” describes Yuya Makizato of Sanrio Entertainment Co. Ltd., the Hello Kitty Land Tokyo operator. “We wanted to express our gratitude for the kindness shown by so many of our friends and fans with a live show that would mark a new beginning for Puroland. The show is all about creating good and positive KAWAII (meaning “cute”) energy in an everchanging world something that now may be more important than ever.”

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