Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen will be fitted with a heart-starting device. He collapsed on the pitch during the Euro 2020. This 29-year-old midfielder has suffered from cardiac arrest during his side’s defeat in Copenhagen.

The Danish doctor Morten Boesen thinks that this ICD is necessary as he is facing rhythm disturbance. Eriksen remains in the hospital. But he is saying that he is fine under the circumstances.

The British Heart Foundation describes the ICD as a small device placed under the skin that: “sends electrical pulses to regulate abnormal heart rhythms”.

It connects with the heart using thin wires. Boesen has added that Christian has agreed with this solution. The plan also has confirmation as both the national and the international specialists are recommending the same method of treatment.

The former Spurs player Eriksen is now at Inter Milan. He collapsed shortly before halftime against Finland. He needed to be resuscitated with the help of a defibrillator. German doctor Jens Kleinfeld who has treated him on the field told that he opened his eyes 30 seconds later. The doctor was able to talk to him directly.

It was a much-moving mode as in such medical emergencies, the chances of success are much low. As Christian Eriksen answered, the doctor knew that his brain had not fully damaged. Denmark’s next game is against Belgium. They will also return to the Parken stadium where Eriksen collapsed.

Belgium intended to kick the ball out of the play in the 10th minute to take part in the middle of the applause for Eriksen. The Denmark players surrounded Eriksen as he received treatment on the pitch before taking him to the hospital. The match resumed two hours after the incident.

The Denmark captain Simon Kjaer said it is a shock for him which will be a part of him forever. What matters is, Christian is OK. He further added that “We will enter the pitch against Belgium with Christian in our hearts and thoughts. It gives us peace in our minds, which allows us to focus on the game of football.”

They will play for Christian and as a way for Denmark. This is a great motivation for them.

Credits: BBC

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