North Korea

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has said that his country needs to prepare for the ‘dialogue and confrontation’ with the US. Hence they have more focus on preparing for the confrontation. This is marking the first time when Mr. Kim has made any direct comment on the administration of President Joe Biden.

Earlier, North Korea has snubbed all its efforts to the new US government for the establishment of diplomatic communication. The United States has always been calling for this country to give up its nuclear weapons.

However, Pyongyang has made repeated refusals. The United Nations Security Council has imposed a very strict economic sanction on this East Asian state. Mr. Kim has made his latest remarks about meeting the senior leaders. It started this week in the capital Pyongyang.

He said that they need to “especially to get fully prepared for confrontation to protect the dignity of our state and its interests for independent development.”

Also, it calls for the guarantee of a very peaceful environment in the security of North Korea. He has also said that North Korea would “sharply and promptly react to the developments. At the same time, the country will concentrate on the efforts to take a more stable control of this situation on the Korean peninsula.

The latest comment has come days after he formally made his acknowledgment about the concerts that North Korea is facing. The country is facing concerns regarding the shortage of food. Earlier this week, the leaders from the G7 nations and Mr. Biden called on North Korea to drop off their nuclear and missile programs.

The relationship between Mr. Kim and Mr. Biden is very tense. Before the selection of Mr. Biden, he had called Mr. Kim a “thug”. The state has also put on a show-off force along with a massive military parade to showcase a new missile.

In April, Mr. Biden referred to North Korea as a serious threat to global security. Washington also came up with a complete review of its North Korea Policy. The US would continue to complete the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Mr. Kim has met Mr. Trump on three occasions. However, the talks on denuclearization are still on hold.

The highly centralised totalitarian state is signaling its openness for dialogue. But it will not accept the denuclearisation that the US demands.

Credits: BBC

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