Taiwan's Vice President Chen Chien-Jen
Taiwan’s Vice President Chen

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of confirmed cases has now surpassed three million globally.

With over 180 countries grappling the pandemic, fighting the virus seems to be a matter of the highest urgency in recent days.

To help the public acquire accurate knowledge and foster an unbiased concept of the epidemiology behind COVID-19, authorities concerned with disseminating said information collaborated with Hahow, a pioneer of online educating platforms, on the rollout of “General Education Course-National Prevention against COVID-19”.

Covid-19 virus soon to be detected by fast test in Taiwan

This plan adopted digital teaching to provide free courses, and invited Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-Jen, himself an epidemiologist, to lecture in person.

With the vivid pedagogy and systemic teaching materials compiled by Hahow, abstruse theories are transformed into comprehensive words and images, further giving in-depth analysis to the virus spread, examination, and corresponding strategies.

“As a member in this community, Hahow assisted in organizing learning structures, presenting charts that are easy to read, which helped enable the public to get better information, and achieved the goal of public education.”, said co-founder of Hahow, Chiang Chien-Wei.

In the hope of attracting more viewers, Hahow also recruited some well-known YouTubers from Taiwan, including Ray Du, Chih-Chi, and Janet and Nancy, to participate in health care dissemination.

In response to the preferences of data visualization in modern society, there is also a short graphic version based on the course content to clarify commonly-held myths.

The video lecture will soon be translated into English so as to align the world with us.

“We’re family. We are all part of the world. Taiwan is willing to help, and hopes that we can get the lives all around the globe back to normal with these efforts.” Vice President Chen said.

This article first appeared in BusinessNext in April, 2019.

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