HONG KONG, Jan, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GlocalMe®, a product and service brand of UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (“uCloudlink”) (NASDAQ: UCL), the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has launched the new portable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot First G, which will be available on GlocalMe®’s official website and Amazon in early February, 2021.

“We put our customers first,” said Victor Xu, Chief Sales Officer at uCloudlink. “Not only do we aim to offer excellent service, but we are also dedicated to developing products that empower users to stay connected, wherever they may be. In light of the events of the last year, we have been listening to our users and the market, who are asking for a high-quality, inexpensive WiFi connection — and FirstG is our answer.”

With the rapid and massive shift to telecommuting and online education in the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the significant connectivity gap that exists among communities.

Moreover, millennial and Gen Z consumers are multi-device digital natives, and they seek solutions that enable them to live their mobile, connected lives. Seeing the low-speed networks and high network costs that many confront, GlocalMe quickly began developing a high-quality, cost-effective connection device that would allow users to use their own SIM cards, aiding individual users and businesses around the world.

The resulting product and service is FirstG, which aims to offer “a different WiFi for a different you”. Unlike mainline GlocalMe® products, FirstG works only with traditional SIM card and is an inexpensive and flexible solution that enables all kinds of users to enjoy a seamless Internet experience.

It boasts 14 hours of battery life, far exceeding the standard 6-10 hours of working time, and can connect up to eight smart devices simultaneously. A web portal allows users to manage and take control of their SIM cards and the hotspot, with additional functions like automatic large data consumption disabling. It also comes in playful and fashionable colors, which are far more fun than the traditional monochromatic black-and-white.

GlocalMe aims to make the world more connected by providing practical solutions that ensure seamless, uninterrupted Internet access.


uCloudlink is the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, pioneering the sharing economy business model for the telecommunications industry. The company’s products and services deliver unique value propositions to mobile data users, handset and smart-hardware companies, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and mobile network operators (MNOs).

Leveraging its innovative cloud SIM technology and architecture, the Company has redefined the mobile data connectivity experience by allowing users to gain access to mobile data traffic allowance shared by network operators on its marketplace, while providing reliable connectivity, high speeds and competitive pricing.

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