French President

French President Emmanuel Macron recently met Putin. He then brings it to the notice of the world of Russia’s next move. The Kremlin will most get troops back home. The conversation between the world leaders held for 5 hours. Moscow now denies all the plans to invade Ukraine.

Western powers held deep concerns over the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Also, reaching a level point is a great success.

The French President called the coming days decisive. He broke it to the press in Moscow. He also explained the need for intensive discussion on the matter.

Mr. Putin also called the proposals by the French President as a base for future steps. It is too early to reach a decision.

Some trusted sources cite that Russia formed a commitment. They are not going to take any military action against Ukraine. There is also a good potential for de-escalation of troops. Further discussion is going to deal with more strategic issues.

Though, Moscow denies all those assertions. The French President will speak again with the Ukrainian President. Russia said to take further steps after the talk. The talk is also going to proceed in Berlin. President Macron is set to see German Chancellor and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The U.S. President also met German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The meeting held in Washington on Monday. It threatened the Kremlin by shutting down the Russian gas pipeline. The consequence would have put to action only after the invasion. The US believes that the Kremlin gathered 70% of the military near Ukraine.

Even the UK Prime Minister is standing in support of Ukraine. Boris Johnson also sanctioned support in The Times newspaper. The UK deployed its Royal Air Force fighter to Ukraine. The Royal Navy Warships shipped as well.

Western countries are coming together. They deny the very fact of Russia’s demand. NATO is not going to rule out Ukraine becoming a member. This will also reduce military presence in East Europe.

Credits: BBC

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