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In his latest barb aimed at the UK in relation to post-Brexit talks French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has said “Negotiations are not advancing, because of the intransigent and unrealistic attitude of the United Kingdom,”

The comments by Le Drian come just ahead of an important month in negotiations towards a post-Brexit deal between the UK and European Union, and as has been the case repeatedly over the past few years sees France taking the lead in attempting to lay the blame for any and all delays at the door of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Negotiations are not advancing, because of the intransigent and unrealistic attitude of the United Kingdom,” Le Drian is reported as telling his nation’s ambassadors in Paris yesterday.

Brexit supporting areas in the UK

The tone and general negativity of the French official is similar to that seen in recent months as exhibited by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.

“On Brexit we always showed unity and proved wrong those who saw signs of an overall implosion of Europe,” Le Drian added. “It is in staying united that we can stick to our line of a global accord.”

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London C: OGL-UK Government

As has been the case since Brexit was realised and the EU recognised it would have to discuss the post-Brexit deal on a level pegging with London, access to British fishing areas has proven a key bone of contention as has aid offered to businesses by the state.

For its part, ahead of any meaningful agreement being struck, London is struggling to deal with EU demands to British fish-rich waters; something the EU took for granted while the UK was part of the block.


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