Terry Gou
Terry Gou

It is worth noting that the Taiwan President Elections are coming up very soon and this is also the time when the candidates who are going to run for Taiwan’s Presidency will announce their campaign so as to get as much support before the elections as possible. Having said that, you must be aware that Taiwan’s current President Tsai Ing-wen will not be able to run for Presidency again as her term will end after two consecutive terms as the Taiwan President. Talking about the Taiwan President, you must be aware that she met the US House Speaker McCarthy in the US recently which has obviously triggered China.

In other news, Foxconn founder Terry Gou has once again announced that he will run for Taiwan Presidency and you might recall that the Taiwanese billionaire ran for Presidency during the last elections in 2019 as well. Terry Gou also said that he seek Presidential nomination from Taiwan’s KMT party which is the main opposition right now for the Taiwan’s ruling party. Now, the problem with Terry Gou’s presidency bid is that he is going to fight for the presidency from KMT which has been known to be favouring China and therein lies the problem among the Taiwan population.

Those that don’t want to merge with China at any cost will not give their vote to the KMT even though they like Terry Gou which means that he is not expected to perform at his full potential. Terry Gou, in a statement, said that “the only way to avoid war with China was to reduce Sino-U.S. tensions and get Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) out of office”.

He also added that “We must honestly tell young people that it is dangerous to vote for the DPP, which ‘exalts Taiwan independence and hates and opposes China’,” and added that “Peace is not taken for granted, and people need to make the correct choice,”. He also said that “If I am nominated by the KMT, I will do my best to unite all the non-green camps and win the 2024 presidential election,” and did not take any questions from the reporters.

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