China military drills
China military drills

As we mentioned earlier, the fact that Taiwan’s President Tsai met the US House Speaker McCarthy in the US was definitely going to trigger China and it did just that. China was so angry with this meeting that they had previously warned both the sides not to go ahead with it. However, as both Taiwan and the US went ahead with the meeting, it was always on the cards that China would take action as they don’t want to be seen as a country which just speaks and does not take action on being provocated. This is the reason why we are seeing the announcement of military drills being carried out in the Taiwan Strait by the Chinese army.

It is also worth noting that the drills are similar to the ones that were carried out when the former US Speaker Nency Pelosi visited Taiwan last year. Talking about the drills carried out by the Chinese army, it can be seen that the Chinese army is already preparing for a possible attack on Taiwan and how that can be carried out in the future. Earlier, we saw that the Chinese carried out military drills from the East which is where mainland China is located from Taiwan. However, the drills were conducted from the West this time around which means that the Chinese army is preparing a way on how to “seal off” the Taiwan island.

It is worth noting that some in China are already wondering about what the impact of these military drills could be on Taiwan. Apart from the possible threat that is obviously there from China, what this drills could do is also prepare the Chinese military on how they can attack Taiwan whenever they wanted to. However, it is also said that the Chinese drills will need to get bigger and bigger since the same intensity drills will not put the same amount of fear in the Taiwanese people after a few drills have been conducted. It is worth noting that the country goes into elections next year to select its next President and Foxconn founder has already announced his nomination.

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