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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opted for signing a bill that can penalize the tech companies. It is applicable for those companies who are de-platforming the politicians. The legislation is stating that platforms can only suspend the accounts for 14 days. It will be fined in the amount of $250000/ day for this violation.

NetChoice is a tech lobbying group whose members are Twitter and Facebook. It is also testifying against this bill in March. This bill is probably the first of its kind which will be in effect on 1st July.

Mr. DeSantis was quite vocal about the Big Tech. He is arguing that the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are muting all the conservative voices. Earlier, he said, Big Tech has “come to look more like Big Brother.”

Legal challenges have the expectancy with the opponents who are contending for the bill violation. According to them, this bill also violates the constitutional rights of America regarding freedom of speech.

Critics are also saying that the new law could have many numbers of consequences unintended.

During the March, Steve DelBianco, the chief executive of NetChoice said, about the testifying against this bill: “Imagine if the government required a church to allow user-created comments or third-party advertisements promoting abortion on its social media page.”

It would violate the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to free speech. This bill will also force the social media platforms to host the content that they do not allow. Former US President Donald Trump got banned on Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube after the Capitol Hall riot.

Earlier this month, the Oversight Board of Facebook decided to uphold this decision of the platform. It asked the social networks to review this decision within 6 months. It is quite unclear whether the new Florida Law means any kind of comeback of the former president or not.

Twitter is declining to comment. Facebook and YouTube haven’t yet responded. Mr. Trump has spent a few months in Florida. He and Florida Governor DeSantis are the ideological bedfellows.

According to some, this bill is meant to help Mr. Trump. The legislation includes the clause that exempts a company. However, Florida is the home of Disney World. According to NBC Miami, some lawmakers are marking it as hypocritical.

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