COVID lockdowns

Global scientists have opted for the criticization of the UK Government plans to ease out the COVID lockdowns. They have called it unethical and very dangerous for the entire planet. While gathering at a virtual summit on Friday, the leading scientists and government advisors from all over the world warned Britain about removing its restrictions.

The event came as there are more than 1200 scientists who have backed a letter to the Lancet medical journal. Here the plans of the UK’s Prime Minister Borris Johnson have been described as dangerous and premature.

England will see lots of its last remaining lockdown-related restrictions. It includes the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing.

Johnson has defended his new strategy. According to him, this is the right time to proceed before the weather turns cold and the school holidays start.

According to him, it is quite vital to proceed with caution. It is not easier to revert life instantly from Monday to the life before the COVID lockdowns.

Christiana Pagel, the director of the Clinical Operational Research Unit of London’s UCL, says that there is the potential for the new variant. “Any mutation that can infect vaccinated people better has a big selection advantage and can spread,” she said. “And because of our position as a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the U.K. will likely spread to the rest of the world — we saw it with alpha, and I’m absolutely sure that we contributed to the rise of the delta through Europe and North America.”

The UK policy does not just affect them, but it affects everybody. Clinical epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani said the world is watching the current avoidable crisis which is unfolding in the UK.

New Zealand is a successful country in suppressing the virus within its borders. Life in the nation has returned to a state of normalcy. The country currently has 48 active cases. There are zero cases within the community. William Haseltine, the chair and president of ACCESS Health International, said the world looks to the UK for its sensible policies.

But this is not the case during the COVID pandemic. Hence, it can come up with some of the worst impulses. He has slammed the herd immunity strategies where the population can build up the natural immunity to an illness through their exposure. Haseltine also said that the vaccine alone would not bring an end to this pandemic.

Credits: CNBC

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