During his inaugural address in January, Biden promised to use his post to restore the soul of America. He promised that he would unite the nation. Also, he promised that he would diffuse the anger and the resentment in the nation. Also, he will lead the Americans back to a world where there is respect and dignity.

After six months, Biden is still preaching his unity gospel. He keeps regularly assuring that there is not a single thing that they cannot do when they are together.

Drive 1400 miles west from the White House to Dallas in Texas, Brian Brown lives. There is very little evidence that the politicians are working together. As an African American fourth-generation Texan, she has been assailed after Biden came into the office with some whirlwind regressive laws.

The explosion of the extreme if the rightwing legislation is ramming through the Texas Republican this session. It is culminating with a much dramatic fight of the Democratic lawmakers from the state. They are attempting to prevent the passage of the latest suppression law for the voters. It has left Brown feeling much insecure and apprehensive.

She is thinking about her family’s long struggle for voting rights. It heated up once again. She is fearful about being accounted for in the street by the army men who are legally bearing arms. She is much bothered about what will happen to her if she again joins a peaceful protest.

On the top of her list of concerns, there is the Republican bill which is making it much difficult to vote. Brown also recalls how her grandmother got the reminder that her vote was no longer a condition on the poll tax. It used to be a very common ruse that was in use in the Black people.

Brown is also spooking about another law that will come to effect in September. It effectively tries to run the ordinary citizens into the anti-abortion bounty hunter. It rewards with a $10000 reward to anyone who sues a Texan for helping women seeking for abortion.

She said, ” it is chilling that this is happening.”

Credits: The Guardian

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