Songshan Airport Taiwan mask use for COVID-19
Songshan Airport in Taipei

With immediate effect anyone using any form of public transportation in Taiwan is required to wear a face mask.

The policy came into force at midnight and will run until further notice.

In an announcement Tuesday, Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-lung highlighted the government’s latest efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

An issue first covered in The Taiwan Times last month, the policy affects all bus, train and air passengers.

Temperature Checks

Temperatures will be checked at 12 of the high speed rail stations on Taiwan’s west coast along with 239 Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) regular train stations, in addition to almost 1,300 post offices around the nation.

Areas in which long distance drivers can take a break on freeways around Taiwan will also have temperature check facilities, as will larger bus stations and ports. Taiwan’s two biggest ports are in Kaohsiung in the south, and Keelung in the north east of the island.

Should an individual intent on using a given form of transport be discovered to have a forehead temperature of 37.5 degrees or over upon checking they will be given the option of a second check.

Should they be found to be over the same 37.5 degree temperature after a second check, they will not be allowed to travel. Temperatures monitored by ear thermometers will have a minimum level of 38 degrees before travel is not permitted.

Airports Ahead Of The Game

Airlines flying domestic routes already have precautions in place to confirm passengers are fit for travel, including the cancellation of online check-in options to ensure all passengers are checked by airline staff.

The entire system is expected to be in full swing over the coming April 2nd to 5th holiday weekend when many Taiwanese traditionally go on short trips; trips that this year might increase in number on the domestic front with all international travel options currently banned.

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