COVID-19 Effects Extend To Domestic Flights

Follow Rules, Or Don't Fly

Two of Taiwan’s leading domestic airlines, Mandarin Airlines, and Uni Air have said that any passenger with a temperature higher than 37.5 centigrade will not be permitted to board flights inside Taiwan.

The announcements come in the wake of similar rules being imposed by the parent companies of both airlines, China Airlines and Eva Air on international routes.

Passengers on Mandarin and Uni Air will also need to don masks from the time of initial check in until completion of arrival procedures.

The only time passengers will be allowed to remove masks is when eating on longer flights.

To enforce the temperature checks, all passengers must present themselves at ticket counters around the nation for at least the next eight days. No online check-in services will be available in this time.

Taiwan’s airlines have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in recent weeks. Just last week it was announced that Taiwan would no longer accept transit passengers; a policy to be kept in place through the long holiday weekend of April 2nd – 5th in Taiwan.

On international routes numerous airlines have now cancelled routes to, from, or passing through Taiwan. These include popular budget airlines AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, and Jetstar Airways.


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