Kismayo (PP News Desk) — On Friday morning, Kismayo residents who went to Lido beach for a morning swim encountered the unusual sight of many dead fish strewn along the beach.

One of the visitors filmed the scene and shared it on social media platforms.

Dead fish that washed up on Kismayo’s Lido beach on Friday morning.

Fish sellers in Kismayo believe that the illegal dumping of toxic waste along the Somali coastline has “resulted in the death of (th) fish that washed up on Kismayo beach.” Jubaland authorities in the Kismayo area have yet to visit Kismayo beach or order an investigation into the causes behind the dead fish scattered around the beach.

The silhouette of the visitor filming the dead fish scattered on Kismayo beach.

Somalia does not have a coast guard service.

The Kenyan Defence Forces within Amisom control Kismayo Port but at present, Somalia and Kenya are embroiled in a maritime dispute other over sea boundaries not far from Kismayo.

“The United Nations puts more resources into fighting piracy, and Al-Shabaab is seen as a threat to global stability but (is) derelict (in) its duty to protect Somalia’s sea against toxic waste dumping” said Dahir Ali Ibrahim, a businessman in Kismayo.

“Anti-piracy forces in the (the) Indian Ocean must be given the mandate to search ships suspected of carrying toxic waste” Abshir Mohamud, a security researcher told a Puntland Post reporter in Kismayo.

This article first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2021 and is republished with permission

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