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Chinese president Xi Jinping on Thursday pledged for a “complete reunification” with Taiwan. It is drawing a very significant and strong rebuke from democratic Taiwan. It has also criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship.

Taiwan and Mainland China are facing separation from the Taiwan Strait. It is only about 1000 miles wide at the narrowest point. The ruling Chinese Communist Party in Beijing has never put its control over Taiwan. But it claims that the island is a runaway province that must reunite with the mainland. If necessary, the forces will be applied.

In a speech to mark the 100th year of CCP, Xi called for the “reunification” with Taiwan an ” answering historical mission” of the party. It is also a common aspiration of all the Chinese people. The audience applauded as the response.

The Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan has lashed out at the CCP for this statement. It said that the party had achieved economic development in China. Also, it has added that it is clamping down on democracy and violating human rights. At the same time, it is growing more dictatorial.

Here is what it said in the Mandarin language, “Democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law are core principles of Taiwanese society – a major institutional difference from the other side of the strait.”

The council said that the government of the country is remaining determined to defend the sovereignty of the island and its democracy. It has been added that the people have long rejected this “one China principle”. Also, they have urged Beijing to abandon the military intimidation on the island.

This principle is the concept that refers to the only central Chinese government which rules under the Communist Party in Beijing. Under the leadership of Xi, China is also more aggressively asserting its claims on Taiwan. There are numerous breaches in the air defense zone.

Taiwan has also become a contentious issue between the US and China. The US has moved closer to the ROC this year, which is angering Beijing. China is putting pressure on other countries not to deal with Taiwan independently. Many of the G7 groups have made economics, which includes the US. The ROC is also currently the most dangerous flashpoint in US-China relations.

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