COVID deaths

The number of covid deaths in India has moved to the mark of 400000. The country is now trying to speed up its vaccination programs. Experts are warning that the real number of fatalities might be higher than the deaths which have been recorded.

India is in the third position in the world behind the US and Brazil to record more than 400000 covid deaths. The country has recorded at least 30 million covid cases, which makes it hold a second position after the US. The number of the average daily covid cases in India has fallen to 40000 after reaching its recent peak at 400000 in May. The drop in the covid case numbers has been achieved through strict lockdowns in the states.

But experts are warning about the arrival of the third wave. The federal government on Friday has sent a team of experts to six states. The states include Tripura, Kerala, Chandigarh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Manipur. These states are seeing a rise in cases. This team will assess the situation and will monitor the vaccination programs.

Less than 5% of the population of this country took the vaccine fully. The government is aiming to vaccinate all the Indians by the end of this year. But this drive is moving at a very slow pace. Shortage of doses and vaccine hesitancy are some of the many reasons.

The country is currently using two of its homegrown vaccines – Covaxin and Covershield. The Sputnik V of Russia also has the approval for use, and it is being used in some quantities. The government is now aiming to gain vaccine supplies. The country is preparing for the third wave, as the second wave has shaken the fragile healthcare system.

It is now prepping up with the local version of the Novavax vaccine. Serum Institute of India will produce it. The government has now ordered 300 million doses of another vaccine from the Indian Firm Biological E.

The health ministry of the country earlier this week approved the Indian pharma company Cipla to import the Moderna Vaccine. It has shown nearly 95% efficiency against the COVID-19.

Credits: BBC

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