Chinese leadership
Chinese leadership

One of the worst things that can happen to the world and the economy is a war and nobody, not even the countries fighting the war, want a war to happen as it is detrimental to everyone involved and there is no benefit to anyone apart from the obvious. This is also the reason why Russia-Ukraine war is criticized by most countries around the world and we do know that China is supporting Russia in their war but that is because they also have to keep their stance on Taiwan otherwise they could be seen as hypocrites.

However, we do have a statement from China saying that they are also not in favour of aggression against Taiwan and that they also want a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. It is worth noting that China still claims Taiwan as its own territory and wants to unify it into their own territory rather than allowing it to be separate island nation. On the other hand, this approach from China is better and in line with what it had announced last year as well. This announcement was made by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the report to National People’s Congress.

In the report, the Chinese Premier said China should “adhere to the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and take resolute steps to oppose ‘Taiwan independence’ and promote reunification,”. This consensus was made as a compromise between China and Taiwan and Taipei agreed to refer to Taiwan as part of China but the consensus does not tell you what China means.

The Chinese Premier also added that “As we Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family bound by blood, we should advance economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait and improve the systems and policies that contribute to the well-being of our Taiwan compatriots. We should encourage people on both sides of the Strait to jointly promote Chinese culture and advance China’s rejuvenation.” Amidst all this talk, China has increased its military spending in this year’s budget by 7% which could suggest that Taiwan aggression is not out of the question.

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