US House Speaker
US House Speaker

You must be aware that the tensions between US and China regarding Taiwan are at an all-time high and it looks like the US is going on a backfoot to ease tensions between the two countries. You must be aware that the US announced that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is scheduled to visit Taiwan in the coming months to meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen and have strategic talks between the two countries. Knowing China and how they were angered when Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last year, it looks like the US has found out another solution.

The US House Speaker is now set to meet the Taiwan President in the US only when the Taiwan President Tsai is scheduled to visit in the coming months for a lecture at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library during transit through California and on her way to visit Central America. On that route, the US House Speaker is expected to meet the Taiwan President, and this is one way to avoid triggering China which does not like the US officials visiting Taiwan at all.

However, it is also worth noting that the Reuters report suggests that even though the US House Speaker will meet Taiwan President in the US, a visit to Taiwan later is not out of the cards just yet. Taiwan’s embassy in the US said, “In general terms, arrangements for President Tsai’s visits to Taiwan’s diplomatic allies and transits through the United States are carried out in line with the usual practice,” and that they had “no information to share” regarding a meeting between House Speaker and Taiwan President in the US.

Talking about the situation in Taiwan and the US stance on it, it is known that they have stood by their “strategic ambiguity,” meaning that they are not clear if they would attack China if Taiwan is under threat. But President Joe Biden made it clear last year that US forces would defend Taiwan if China invades them. This is one of the most crucial and unambiguous statements from the US regarding the Taiwan situation in decades, which does not have formal diplomatic ties.

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