illegal child content

Some of the biggest online platforms in China have received the order to remove illegal child content. China’s internet watchdog is working on it and has sent the orders.

Kuaishou, Alibaba’s Taobao, Tencent’s messaging tool QQ are now facing summons from the Cyberspace Administration of China. CAC has said that these platforms must rectify and should clean up all the illegal content. Also, they have been fined for inappropriate and illegal child content.

This announcement came after the crackdown in Beijing of tech firms. In a statement, the CAC has said, “The operation is focused on solving seven types of prominent online problems that endanger the physical and mental health of minors”.

This includes the children of the live stream and those who are becoming social media influencers or promoting extravagance and money worship. Also, it includes violent and pornographic content, inappropriate cartoons with erotic connotations, forums encouraging suicide, or child porn. The list continues with the bad social behavior, fan clubs. At the same time, it is also marking inadequate measures for youth internet addiction.

The platforms have received a deadline to take down such content, which is violating the guidelines. Also, the statement has not given the details on how long the companies need to comply and about the amount of the fine.

The major internet firms of china are coming under enhanced scrutiny this year. Beijing is tightening its grip on the industry of technology. Earlier this month, the ride-hailing giant of China Didi Chuxing plunged as the CAC ordered online stores not to offer Didi’s app. CAC has said that it is illegally collecting the personal data of users.

In March, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation also said that it had fined 12 companies for 10 deals. They have violated the anti-monopoly rules.

According to the state border broadcaster CCTV, the president of China Xi Jinping has ordered the regulators. Also, they will now step up to oversight for the internet companies and the crackdown on the monopolies to promoting fair competition.

Credits: BBC

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