President Biden on Wednesday stood by his support for the Senate filibuster. With much of the voting rights agenda stalled in Congress, the increasing danger of the coronavirus and the politicized new phase are still occurring. It has put the crumbling infrastructure of the nation in doubt.

Biden does not want to get wrapped out about the fact that it is all about the filibuster or not. Also, Biden said this during the Cincinnati in the CNN town hall in context to why he continues to support a Jim Crow relic.

Biden also added that the abolishment of the filibuster that prevents the legislation from moving could be confusing. It can throw the entire congress into chaos, and nothing will get done ultimately.

The president has tried to defend his belief that a bipartisan approach in Washington has remained a viable way to run the government. Also, he wants to help to repair the deep divisions among the Americans.

Biden told a skeptical audience member, “I spent a lot of time as a senator and vice president, and I’m going to say something outrageous. I don’t think you’ll find any Republican I ever worked with who said I broke my word.”

Biden also assured the audience that his tenure as a senator had given him faith in the ability of the Democrats. They forge constructive compromises along with the republicans. The president has cited Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who has privately given him a word. It is about a deal to move a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

A procedural text vote on the infrastructure framework failed earlier on Wednesday due to the GOP resistance. Biden has dismissed the failure by calling it irrelevant. Biden said that he is confident that the Senate will pass a motion for proceeding on the debate of the bill by Monday. It is entirely possible for the Democrats to still give their further concessions on the contentious issues.

He has also revealed several republicans who have been confined to him. They have agreed with his point of view. But, they gave their vote along the party lines due to the fear of losing their job.

Biden was also critical about the divisions which are clinging to the conspiracy theories of the former president Donald Trump.

Credits: Yahoo News

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