International visitors can now visit the China borders. The country has reopened after 3 years of closure due to the Covid pandemic. The travelers will no longer require to quarantine. It is a significant change in the Covid policy of the country. Also, it is battling the surge in Covid cases.

Although the visitors will need proof of negative PCR. More than 4,00,000 people in Hing Kong are going to visit mainland China in the coming. Long queues are there for flights. However, the passengers are all set to travel to Xiamen and Beijing.

The double coaches are packed with travelers who came at the Hing Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. They came to catch a bus to Guangdong province. Also, many college students were going back to their homes.

As per reports, an old man has not seen his family in the last 5 years. And he is happy to reunite with them. A woman did not see her parents for years despite one of them suffering from colon cancer. She is happy to revisit them soon.

The reopening of the country comes at the beginning of Chun Yun. It is the 1st period of the Lunar New Year travel. Before the Covid pandemic, it was the biggest annual worldwide number of people migrating home.

China is expecting about 2 billion trips are going to take place this Lunar New Year. It is double the number that traveled in the previous year.

However, one thing is of great concern this opening may lead to Covid-19 transmission. Some bus drivers are afraid because they might get the virus. In the last few years, China followed the strictest Covid policies.

China abandoned the key elements of the Covid zero policy. However, the nation has stopped publishing its Covid case numbers. And on Saturday, the nation reported that only 2 deaths took place.

Credits: BBC

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