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China has accused many of the Western firms of clothing as they sell goods that can be harmful to children. A notice of warning came up about the customs of the country’s administration website. It has listed 81 items from the imported companies like Nike, Zara, H&M. In March, China targeted the foreign clothing retailers as a backlash in the international market. It has grown to overclaim the abuses in the cotton-growing Xinjiang region. In this year, many Western nations have imposed their sanctions on China.

The announcement from the General Administration of Customs includes items like shoes, toys, toothbrushes, and kid’s clothing. It was spotted during the examinations from June 2020 to May 2021.

Nine batches for the H&M girls’ cotton dresses had been said to contain, “dyes or harmful substances [that] may be absorbed by the body through the skin, mouth, etc., and endanger health.”

The same issue came up with the children’s clothes imported from the Nike boys’ t-shirts, Zara. This also includes the cotton pajamas from the Gap. However, there is not yet any response from Zara, H&M, Nike, and Gap.

This notice is the latest blow for the Western clothing brands which are operating in China. It has been targeted during the international backlash for the claims and abuses in the cotton industry. Also, it has grown up mainly in the Xinjiang region. It is the home to most of the Muslim Uighur minority groups.

Several bigger companies have also expressed their concern regarding the allegations. The allegation is about the use and forced labor of the Uighurs. Some of the western firms and online shops are facing the block. Their stores have vanished from some of their digital maps.

China’s initial target was H&M and Nike. It has recently widened its target to Adidas, Burberry, and Converse, with many others. As all the physical stores of H&M are remaining, it is no longer possible to get a taxi to the shops with an app. Also, consumers cannot shop online. Instead of this, China is championing its local brands. In March, many of the western countries imposed their sanctions on the officials in China regarding the Uighur minority group.

China managed to detain Uighurs at the camps in Xinjiang. However, there are emerging allegations of torture and sexual abuse. These sanctions came up with the coordinated effort of the UK, US, Canada in the European Union. Beijing has denied all the allegations. China has also hit its back with retaliatory sanctions on Western lawmakers, institutions, and scholars.

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