Moyer and Sung
In the latest publicity blow to Apple, Thomas Moyer, head of the company’s global security arm has been charged with bribery by a California grand jury in a case dating back to August, 2019.
C: Alisina Elyasi – Unsplash
The charges, filed Monday morning local time say that Moyer offered iPads valued at over US$70,000 in his bid to secure a concealed firearms licence in a case that is understood to have also indicted two law enforcement officials from Santa Clara County, the same region south of San Francisco in which the global tech giant is based.
Reports from the scene have thus far not included any comment from Apple.
The two law enforcement officers involved in the case are County Undersheriff Rick Sung, and Sheriff’s Captain James Jenson according to reports.
Both have been accused by the court of asking for bribes to aid Mr. Moyer in obtaining said licenses.
From reports in California overnight, it appears that Undersheriff Sung requested the ‘gifts‘ in order to issue the concealed carry licences. Mr. Moyer seemingly obliged with a ‘donation’ to the sheriff’s office in Santa Clara.

All three of the accused face prison time should they be found guilty of the charges filed against them.

Speaking to local media, the Santa Clara County District Attorney, Jeff Rosen said “Call this quid pro quo. Call it pay-to-play. Call it give to get. It is illegal and deeply erodes public confidence in the criminal justice system,”

“When high-ranking members of a law enforcement agency are at the heart of a bribery scheme, it tarnishes the badge, the honour, the reputations and – tragically – the effectiveness of all law enforcement agencies.”

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