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Bucha displays the atrocities of the war. The place which was once filled with laughter & children is now all in ruin. The place remains endangered still. With fleeing citizens, there are only a few left who wish for the return of their neighbors.

Russians destroyed the beautiful communal garden. Sergei and his wife, with their neighbors, are trying to rebuild what they have. There is no place other than home. The physical remains of the war still haunt them, but they are clearing ways.

The land of Bucha still carved with the groves of Russian tanks. Sergei’s neighbor remains buried under the same land. Russians killed them while he was trying to take the picture. The wooden pallet states the day of his death. It is the temporary gravestone.

Bucha locals remain accustomed to death. Denys Davidoff, a native, stayed during the Russian intervention. He recalls the street filled with dead bodies. The world condemns the dead bodies of the citizens of Bucha. He remembers,” Some corpses were lying for such a long time that you could see their bodies were covered with the sand and the earth after it rained. At some point, I realized I knew some of the people who were killed.”

The people of Bucha are still in a crisis of devastation. Their home is not yet safe. The corpses were on the street for so long. It was all covered with the earth and sand.

3000 pieces of unexploded ordnance discovered in the Kyiv region. There were 20 unexploded shells in the nearby village. It is to protect the perimeter with unaware stumbling. The town needs to be safe again for people to come back.

There is an unconventional graveyard. The twisted hulks of the military vehicles are on the roadside. There lies a defensive position of wrecked soldier camps. However, Bucha is yet to welcome its people.

Credits: BBC

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