The port city of Ukraine, Mariupol, is going to fight against the Russian troops. The defenders will stand firm irrespective of the ultimatum. Russia gave an ultimatum for the fighters to give in.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, is going to raze Mariupol to the ground. Local officer responded that Russian soldier says to debar anyone from entering or leaving the city.

The city of Mariupol may seem like a prize to Russia. Unfortunately, the control was in the swathe of southern and eastern Ukraine. There are also high chances of residents getting harmed.

The residents are to form a queue and pass across districts. In a recent interview, Ukraine was to give in last Sunday, but they will not. The city will not fall. The military forces are going to fight till the last breath. Ukraine’s military forces will remain in Mariupol.

At the same time, Russia calls for full control over Mariupol. However, Ukraine Azov Battalion is still holding it in. Justine Crump informs of 500-800 Ukrainian troops holding the city. He is a military expert at security consultancy Sybilline.

He also gave a statement, “They have had more than 50 days to fortify it and build escape routes,” Mr. Crump added. “I suspect that unless they wiped out, they’ll be there a long time. It’s credible that there would be guerrilla resistance…

[The steelworks] have nuclear bunkers, tunnels, built to survive a nuclear conflict – they are well set for defense.”

Ukraine demands that Russian forces seek humanitarian corridors. A little help from them to allow Mariupol citizens and wounded troops to leave. Citizens are going through a lot. Their homes destroyed, and they are also suffering from a wide water shortage. Mariupol defenders continue to hold, and Ukrainian officials deny all possibility.

However, President Zelensky, in a recent interview with BBC, discusses the idea of letting Moscow over eastern Ukraine.

Credits: BBC

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