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Germany has arrested a British man on suspicion of spying for Russia. The federal prosecutors of Germany said that the man David S worked at the British embassy in Berlin.

He has passed documents to Russian intelligence in exchange for money. Police arrested him at Potsdam outside of Berlin on Tuesday. They have also searched his house and workplace. The spokesperson of the foreign ministry in Germany’s aid, Berlin, was taking this case with much seriousness. Berlin was spying with “a close alliance partner on German soil is unacceptable”.

The arrest was the result of Germany after a joint UK-German investigation took place. The Metropolitan Police of London has come up with the confirmation of this arrest. They have arrested a 57-year-old British national in Germany in the case of allegedly spying for Russia. Also, it includes charges of involvement with the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

German authorities are responsible for this investigation. But the officers will continue to work with their German counterparts.

They will appear before an investigating judge. Prosecutors said that the embassy had hired him as a local staff member. Berlin is the epicenter of the Cold War. It had seen many spies working on its streets and alleys who looked for secrets.

The intelligence gathering has changed Munich after that. Also, it often involves cyber espionage that takes place remotely.

From drivers to security guards or even cleaners can become the target for spying. Spy services look for people whom they can recruit to get all the sensitive information. It is making the embassies the prime target for it.

The relationship between Germany and the UK with Russia has been strained already after many high-profile incidents. The UK accused Russia as the responsible one for the 2018 nerve agent attack at Salisbury. Russia had denied this accusation. Both Sergei and Yulia Skripal have survived this attack. But a local woman died as she came into contact with the perfume bottle.

Germany treated Russian Alexei Navalny after his poisoning on a Russian flight. Russian authorities have also denied their involvement in this incident.

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