deadly landslide

The hilly areas of Northern India keep facing various natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes, heavy floods, etc., almost every year. Again a landslide in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has created massive destruction to the area. At least two people have died, as of the reports. There are more than dozens of people who have still not been rescued. The debris caused due to the huge and deadly landslide has trapped the theme under it.

The sudden falling of builders has buried a truck. Also, it has affected the other vehicles and a passenger bus during the landslide.

Police and local officials have started with their rescue operation. Jairam Thakur, the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, said that officials are working faster on the rescue process.

In recent months India has seen several deadly landslide. The main reason behind the repeated landslide in India is the heady monsoon. However, it is still not clear which is the main reason behind the landslide that took place on Wednesday. It happened on a highway adjacent to the Kinnaur district. According to local reports, officials have rescued five people. But at least more than 30 people are still under the heap of debris.

The government has made the Indo-Tibetan Border Police team dispatch the force for the rescue operation. The National Disaster Response Force has also been put on an alert.

A landslide killed nine people in Himachal Pradesh last month as the rapid falling of rocks hit their vehicle. At least 136 people died due to the landslides in the Western State of Maharashtra. This landslide in Maharashtra took place due to the heavy rain, which has flooded hundreds of villages and swept away plenty of homes.

However, the rescue operation at Himachal Pradesh is still going on, though the officials are not sure whether the victims have died or not. The rescue team is trying to speed up the operation with a large number of forces.

Credits: BBC

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