British Embassy

Russian forces are mounting on the borders of Ukraine. In the meantime, the British Embassy is trying to reduce the number of staff in Ukraine. Britain plans to bring half of its staff from Kyiv.

The US also asks the relatives of embassy staff to return to America. They fear invasion at any time. They are calling it a precautionary measure. US and UK called out the staff, but nothing happened in the past 24 hours.

The EU refrains from bringing back its staff. Josep Borrell, Foreign Policy Chief at EU, says he doesn’t want to dramatize the tensions.

NATO alliance will send more defense to the region. The members included Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. Ukraine will get fighter jets and warships to strengthen the defense.

100,000 Russian troops aligned on the borders of Ukraine. Nato officials are calling the dispute a fresh conflict in Europe.

The US is also calling back non-essential staff from Ukraine. It is not stressing evacuation. A state department informed APS. If the country falls to the Russian invasion, it will never be able to evacuate US citizens.

The US government warns citizens not to visit Ukraine. There is a potential for harassment because of Russia. The British embassy’s planning of bringing the staff is part of a preventive measure.

Ukraine calls the action of America “premature.” It is a display of excessive caution.

The US provides ammunition for front-line defenders in Ukraine. It called it a lethal aid of 90 tonnes.

Anthony Blinked, US secretary of state, said “series of actions that would figure into [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin’s calculus.” The country will try to beef the defense as much as it can. It will put together military assistance for Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine territory in 2014. It seized Crimea before it voted to join Russia in a referendum. 14,000 lives were lost in conflicts around the areas of eastern Ukraine. There is not much fulfillment of the 2015 peace deal.

Russia holds the potential to invade Ukraine. And, US and Uk citizens are at high risk. The British Embassy bringing back the staff is a sound decision.

Credits: BBC

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