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The Australian Government makes an attempt to take copyright for the Aboriginal flag. Artist named Harold Thomas designed the flag. Created in 1971 as a protest image. It serves as the dominant Aboriginal emblem for the National flag.

People claim the flag has copyright deals. Flag holds hostage copyright deals limiting its display. Now, flags will also be put out to display without legal threats.

Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australian, says, “Over the last 50 years, we made Harold Thomas’ artwork our own – we marched under the Aboriginal flag, stood behind it, and flew it high as a point of pride.”

Commonhealth holds the right over the flag. Anyone can use it. And it belongs to everyone. Also, no legal threats are applicable.

The Australian government paid A$20 m to get the copyright. It also secured the copyright from Mr. Harold Thomas. There was a lot of pressure from Aboriginal groups and controversies. The Australian Football League (AFL) also refused to pay the leaseholder with the flag.

The flag belonged to all Aboriginal people. So, why do people have to pay to display? Laura Thompson calls it a symbol of people’s survival. People don’t recognize themselves with the Australian flag. The Australian flag also represents colonization and invasion.

Mr. Thomas designed the flag for royalties. He leased the rights for his artwork. It was also to prevent knock-offs abroad. He identifies the flag with pride and unity. However, the flag will no longer be just a symbol of struggle.

Aboriginal Australians welcome the change in the copyright. It also played as a symbol of survival for Aboriginal people. They will no longer outrage legal threats.

The Australian government does everything in its power to free the flag. However, people are questioning the commemoration before Australian day. The Prime Minister calls this a false narrative. He also dismisses the need for the protest every year. And decline to call it an invasion day.

Credits: BBC

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