In news from the UK, it is being reported this morning that unless the UK sees a  “substantial shift” from its European counterparts in Brussels in the next few days there will now be no Brexit deal.

Sources now indicate that a decision could come in the next week as to whether or not any further effort will be made in negotiating a deal prior to the end of the year.

At the heart of the issue are discussions on fisheries arrangements with the European governing body demanding access to British fishing waters.

It is a claim the EU has sought to downplay. “(T)alks are stuck” one unnamed source told the UK’s BBC, adding that the problems were “(n)ot just fish.” saying that “The UK has other demands and the level playing field is not sorted.”

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London C: OGL-UK Government

It now looks increasingly likely that the British government in London will reach the end of the year and it post-Brexit transition period without having confirmed an effective free trade deal with the European Union.

This means, in effect, that come January 1st the UK and the EU will part ways and move to World Trade Organization rules in how they address issues pertaining to imports and exports.

One British government source – again unnamed – said to the BBC that “(W)e need to get any deal right and based on terms which respect what the British people voted for.
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson Portrait – UK Gov. OG v.3

“Unfortunately, the EU are still struggling to get the flexibility needed from member states and are continuing to make demands that are incompatible with our independence.

“We cannot accept a deal that doesn’t leave us in control of our own laws or waters.

“We’re continuing to try every possible path to an agreement, but without a substantial shift from the [European] Commission we will be leaving on WTO terms on 31 December.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has long assured his counterparts in Brussels that the UK would keep talking, with the European Union’s lead negotiator, Michel Barnier also seeming to cling to hope saying there is still the “chance” of a deal, (but that) the “path was very narrow”.

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